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Active Educators

    1. Miriam Roden, BEM.
    2. Jeanette Dubois JP, Former Permanent Secretary, Min. of Education
    3. Sir Carlyle Glean Sr. Former Minister for Education
    4. Janet Louison, Former Principal Grand Roy Govt. Sch.
    5. George Boldeau, MDC
    6. Dr. Norge Jerome, Nutritional Anthropology Click Here
    7. Jerome Mc Barnette MBE , former Chief Education Officer
    8. Dr. Cuthbert Noel
    9. Dr. Roland Glean- Mid Western State University
    10. Dr. John Wright, Former Chief Education Officer
    11. Hudson Mc Phail, Former Principal SJCSS & HHSS
    12. Dr. Jeffrey Britton, Principal of TAMCC
    13. Dr. Bernard "Cattie" Gibbs, Bio-Chemistry lecturer, McGill University in Montreal
    14. Faith Jessamy BEM, Jessamy Typing School
    15. Elsia Ferguson, Dean TAMCC
    16. Lady Norma Glean, TAMCC & St. John's RC
    17. Norma Noel, St. John's RC
    18. Molly Medford, Private school
    19. Margaret "Margo" Williams, St. John's RC, Grand Roy Govt. & Min. of Education
    20. Oliver Thomas
    21. Tony DeCoteau
    22. Elsa Williams
    23. Elizabeth Forsyth, former Principal, Florida Gov't. School
    24. Raphael Lewis
    25. Elva Frederick
    26. Marie Collins
    27. Derek DaBreo
    28. Ashley Julien, Former Head of Dept. Dept. of Technical Studies (TAMCC) & former Principal, St. Patrick's Multi Purpose Center
    29. Ernest Harris
    30. Janice Thomas, Principal Grand Roy Govt. Sch
    31. Oslyn Radix Thomas former Principal, St. John's Anglican School
    32. Desmond Elias, former Principal, St. John's RC School
    33. Dr. Shirlan Williams, Assistant Professor, SGU
    34. Marian Adams
    35. Anthony Cadore
    36. Eddie Samuel (BA Hons, Business& Financial management, MSc, Management and ICT), Head of Faculty for Business & ICT at Haringey Sixth Form College, London
    37. Martin Mendes, St. John’s RC and TAMCC
    38. Anthony Wellington, St. John Christian Sec. Principal

Death Educators

    1. Veda Donovan, (RIP) 1st. private school in Gouyave
    2. Ms. Hinds, (RIP) Private school
    3. Cecilia Peters RIP, St. John's R.C., Birchgrove R.C.& St. John's Anglican
    4. Gerald Vincent ( Principal- St. John's R. C - RIP)
    5. Aloysius E. Williams-(St. John's R.C .-Principal RIP)
    6. DaNouna DeCoteau, (RIP),
    7. Daphne Williams (RIP)St. John's RC
    8. Eli Peter, OBE, Former Principal St. John’s Ang. Sch. (RIP)
    9. Fedora Grant, Former Registrar, TAMCC & Principal MDC (RIP)
    10. Daisy Ferguson, St. John's Anglican School (RIP)
    11. Anna Branch, St. John's Anglican School (RIP)
    12. BJ Lanagaine(RIP)
    13. Mintrude Mc Barnette(RIP)
    14. Raphael Williams (RIP)
    15. Gladford A Henry, Teacher, Concord Govt. Sch, Principal JW Fletcher, National Director OAS/USAID Youth skills Training project, RIP
    16. Lottie Branch, Music Educator
    17. Kieffer Roberts JP, Grand Roy Gov't(RIP)