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New Political Party in Trinidad?

An organisation called the Alliance of Independents has been formed and will hold a public meeting in Diego martin on Monday. Details were disclosed in a press statement signed by the body's interim chairman Joe Pires. The following is the statement -

The Alliance of Independents is a body of Citizens who firmly believe that the people of Trinidad and Tobago, after fifty-two years of independence, are clamouring for Good Government, Principled Leadership, Fairness in all Programs, Proper Spending of the Nation's Resources with our Children's Future in mind, Justice, and Respect for Social and Moral Values.

The Alliance of Independents recognize and acknowledge that our nation needs men and women of selfless dedication, firm resolve, integrity and national commitment to take our beloved country forward.

The Alliance of Independents agree to pool their considerable talents and resources in the national interest at this critical juncture in the history of Trinidad and Tobago.


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