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Lyn Humphrey

Lyn Humphrey of Moliniere who resided at Grand Mal, St.

Madonna Williams

Madonna Williams of Soubise, resided at La Digue, St.

Richard Byron Sanderson Joseph

Richard Byron Sanderson Joseph of Dover, Carricaou who reside

Cecilia Paul

Cecilia Paul of Chantimelle, St.

Carmen Nora Glean Boney

Carmen Nora Glean Boney of Lower Depradine Street, Gouyave, S

Gloria Lewis

Gloria Lewis of La Tante, St.

Rhoda Johnson Caraballo

Rhoda Johnson Caraballo of Black Forest Vendome, St.

Abraham Victor Baptiste

Abraham Victor Baptiste - former bus driver of Laura Land, Pe

Archibal Daniel Griffith

Archibal Daniel Griffith of Bogles, Carriacou,

Karen Lisa Clair Evans

Karen Lisa Clair Evans of London, England who resided at Spri