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Annette Gill

Annette Gill of Victoria, St. Mark who resided at Southall London, passed away on Sunday 19 April, 2020 th in Southall London at the age of 80


She was the wife of: Gregory Gill


Mother of: Abi Gill


Sister of: Lyris Holder


Aunt of: Sylvia Joseph, Elsa Moore, Janice Holder, Jeanette Martin, Margaret and Peter Gehriger, Gail and Vitus Barmettler, Kria, Pat and Ingram Batson, Pamela, Wendy and Kerol


Many cousins, relatives and close friends including: The John family, Carlyle and Clifton, Julien family, Drayton and Clera, Doris Hosten and family, Cynthia Calliste and family, Gill family of Victoria and Gouyave, friends of Victoria, Coast Guard and the St. Mark’s Roman Catholic Church Community


Funeral Service on Tuesday 26th May, 2020 at Greenford Park Cemetery at 2:00 pm

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