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Archer Benedict Horsford also known as “Ben Ten”

Archer Benedict Horsford also known as “Ben Ten” of Pearl’s, St. Andrew, passed away on Friday 1st November, 2019 at the age of 65


His Companion: Gracelyn Williams, Father of: Benisha Williams, Step father of: Ronnet and Randel Williams, Son of: Justin DeGale, Son in law of: Rose Williams, Many brothers and sisters including: Barbara, Ricky, Robbie, Roger and Dave in Grenada, Susie, Tony, O-J, and George in Trinidad, Megg, Jenny, Jemma and Junior in the USA


Several in laws including: Latchman Paul, Stetie and Joanne, His aunts and uncles including: Lennie, Wayne, Dennis, Victor, Margaret, Millicent, Russell, Arnold and Bernadette, Several nieces and nephews including: Clive, Asha, Carnisha, Sean and Kimlin


Many other relatives and close friends including: Chris, Cyrus, Alishus “Tooths” Barriteau, Nadine, bus drivers and conductors of the Birchgrove route, and bus association of St. Andrew, friends and neighbours of Pearls, Tivoli, the Limes, Birchgrove and DeVilla


Funeral Service on Thursday 14th November, 2019 at 2:00 pm at the Grenville Pentecostal Lighthouse, St. Andrew and Entombment at the Family Cemetery, Pearls

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