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Debora Andrews

Debora Andrews of LaMode, St. George, passed away on Saturday 10th October, 2020 at the age of 52


She was the mother of: Jason, Alex, Nikesha and Nelon Campbell, Tamika Abel and Akeeba Andrews


Grand mother of: Nysha, Jermaine, Jermika, Dorian, Noah, Jermya and Jermilya Campbell, Alexandra Joseph, Ashton Francis and Zivah Abel


Sister of: Lennard, Eric, Lenox, Marva, Roystan, Angela, Desmond and Wesley Andrews


Mother in law of: Denova Campbell, Anika James, Lindona Aird, Liston Abel and Jermel Braveboy


Sister in law of: Veronica Andrews, Matilda Andrew, Stephanie John and Lynette Andrews


Aunt of many including: Dorian Andrews, Andy John, Kellon Andrews, Abigail, Jennel, Petra, Lindon and Kera Andrews


Niece of: Winston, Lyonel, Raphel and Lucinda Andrews, Crosly Charles, Justin, Richard and Garvis Frank, Rose Richardson


Many other relatives and friends including: the Frank and Richardson families of Pomme Rose, Andrews family of Mt. Parnassus, Henry family of LaMode, Grainger family of Ravine, Cyrus family, Minors family of Golf Course, Bettyann Pope, Allison Martin and family in the USA, Esther Hankey and family, James Johnson, Bernard family of Perdmontemps, Norral and Lisa Taylor, Blackette family in the USA, staff of the female medical and surgical ward of the General Hospital, friends and neighbours of La Mode and surrounding areas


Private Funeral Service and Interment



You fought the good fight but God only knows why he chose to call you home at this time. May he give your soul a place of rest and comfort all those affected by tour passing.

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