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Denis Bristol George also known as “Pharaoh” “Errol” & “Juckes”

Denis Bristol George also known as “Pharaoh” “Errol” & “Juckes” of Plains, St. Patrick, resided in Grand Mal, St. George, passed away on Tuesday 25th August, 2020 at the age of 64


He was the father of: Denny Abraham also known as “Bomber” & “Dread” in Tortola, Joel Abraham also known as “Lata P” and “Assassin”, Grandfather of: TJ & Zion Joseph, Quierra Abraham and Mahali Jones


Brother of: Jessie George, Merlyn Antoine in the USA, Peter Bristol also known as “Mongoose”


Adopted father of: Kathy, Kelvin, Tiffany Abraham and Britany Duncan, Brother in Law of: Solomon Antoine


Many nieces and nephews including: Craig Charles, Marcia Charles, Kevon George, Natalie George, Christopher, Cassandra Jahir, Wayne, Jamie and Suzanne Antoine


Grand uncle of: Marlene, Shermar, Shawna, Anton, Hannah and Kevin


Other relatives and friends including: The George family of Grand Mal, Rose Hill, Members of the Southern Fishermen Association, Boys by the Shop in Grand Mal, friends and neighbours of Plains and Grand Mal


Private Funeral Service and Interment

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