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Derick Alexander Francois also known as “Junior”

Derick Alexander Francois also known as “Junior” of Gouyave, St. John, passed away on Saturday 18th July, 2020 at the age of 32


He was the son of: Leslie Ann Francois and Augustine Scott


Brother of: Francessca, Frances, Mellyann, Brandy, Arsh, Kavelle, Tweedale and Deanna in G’da, Randison in the USA


Nephew of: Vanessa Bartholomew, Anastasia Joseph, Theresa Murray, Beryl Francois, Yvonne Scott, Debbie Glean, Edwin, Frank and Theobald Scott, Denver Glean, Augustus Ettienne, Leroy Francois, Adolphus and Glen Ettienne and Glenroy Francois


Uncle of: Melanni Francois, Kyell George, Miller and Jadon Lewis


Many other close relatives and friends including: Theona Granger, Junior Benjamin, Robert, Nickyla, Mickey, Marlene Patterson, Michael Duncan, Nicole Craige and family, Toiley Henry and family, Devon McKenzie, Christon Ferguson, Destine Mark and family, the Duncan, Scott, Hannibal and Francois families, the Burke family of Waltham, Romain family of Cherry Hill, Ettienne family of Jean Anglais, neighbours and friends of Hillsview, Gouyave and surrounding areas


Private Funeral Service and Interment

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