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Dominic George

Dominic George of Rose Hill, St. Patrick, passed away on Wednesday 16th September, 2020 at the age of 86


He was the husband of: Listra George


Grandfather of 17 including: Thama, Kurt, Volden, Voldan, Lania, Sherica, Kevin, Rondell, Mandesa, Mornifa, Jeremy, Shadeon, Brandon, Jomo and Mornique


Great grandfather of: Octavia, Ackeura, Ackiel, Zawne, Sky, Josiah and Nailah


Brother of: Oswald Duncan George


Uncle of: John, Olive, Nila, Ann, Marilyn, Dian, John, Robert, Francis, Frederick and Davis


Many other relatives and friends including: Maria, Madge, Corseal, Ronald Vincent, Cecilia Stewart, Augustus, Clement, Oneal, Clarke, Peter, Gus, Ira, the Harley, Sylvan, Alexander, John, George and Holas families, Miguel and Cecila, friends and neighbours of Rose Hill, Chantimelle and surrounding areas


Private Funeral Service and Interment

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