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Dorothy George also known as “Mo E”

Dorothy George also known as “Mo E” of Central Gouyave Estate, St. John, passed away on Thursday 22nd November, 2018 at the age of 79


She was the Mother of: Raymond and Gillian George in Canada, Winston and Simeon George and Faith Ann Legassy in the USA, Harrison George and Ian George, Grand mother of 21 including: Malisa Munro, Reynold George, Akim, Kelly Ann, Jaden, Tashiba, Lakeisha, Lyndon and Kellesha, Great grand mother of: 7


Sister of: Eric George in Trinidad, Thomas George and Cecilia Clarke in G’da, Magdalene O’Brady in England and Iricia in the USA, Many nieces and nephews including: Anton O’Brady, Theresa Clarke, Jerry Lyons, Patsy Mitchell and Patricia, Mother- in-law of: Linda George in G’da, Ann George and Ricky Legassy in the USA and Sherry Ann George in Canada


Many other relatives and friends including: Agatha Frederick, Clarke Family of Beaulieu, George Patrick, Lyons family of Birchgrove and Paradise, George family of Gouyave Estate, Loretto and Birchgrove, Enid and George Butler, Ottley family of Cornets Walk, Pastor Paul Miller and the Restoration Christian Fellowship of Happy Hill, neighbours and friends of Central Gouyave Estate and surrounding areas


Funeral service on Monday 10th December, 2018 at 2:00 pm at the Gouyave Berean Bible Church, St. John and entombment at the Dougladston Cemetery



To my living mother=in=law, Dorothy george, I will always miss you, you were always a loving grandma to my kids, and a loving mother=in=law to me, I will never hear you call me Rosanna any more, may your soul rest in peace. From your daughter=in=law, and grandkids, Ann, Akim,Trudell, and Micah george


Please accept my deepest sympathy. The bible’s promise at 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verse 26 states that "the last enemy, death, is to be brought to nothing." This shows that the God of all comfort will soon end death once and for all time. May this promise strengthen you during this difficult time! A life of true happiness and peace awaits us all. (Revelation chapter 21 verse 4; Acts chapter 24 verse 15)


Welcome home into the Hand of Jesus. I love you and was happy to have the one chance to meet you. Thank you for giving me my loving cousins especially Harrison (smile).
Thank you for being so sweet and humble. Thank you For being that loving sister to my mom and all of my aunts and uncle. Thank you for that big sweet mango and those big tyme you given me when I visited. Please remember THE GOD OF PEACE WILL SOON CRUSH SATAN UNDER OUR FEET ROMANS. 16 17-20


Love you aunty. Thank God you got your wings and is in the arms of Jesus.

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