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Florence Anna Slinger Baird also known as “Florence”

Florence Anna Slinger Baird also known as “Florence” of Cherry Hill, St. George who resided in the Brooklyn, NY, passed away on Monday 15th February, 2021 at the age of 75


Mother of: Jasmine Baird and Michael Baird in the USA


Close and dear friend of: Raymond Ross in the USA


Sister of: Agnes Slinger in Grenada


Aunt of many in the USA and Grenada including: Joycelyn, Rose Marie, Bernadette, May, Martin and Jeffery Slinger, Susan Simon, Dale Rose and Skipper


Great grandaunt of 27 including: Kennisha, Keron and Dwayne Slinger and Vondel Whiteman in Grenada, Rennisha Sterling, Jason and Devon Slinger in the USA, Lydon Slinger in Switzerland


Great great grandaunt of 27 including: Liayah and Aria Sterling and Hayden Mc Lead, Jamal Slinger and Dontre Bruno


Other relatives and close friends including Dianna Hercules of Lance Aux Epines, Carmel Scott of Beausejour, the Cox family of Cemetery Hill, the Knight, Mendes, Simon and Jones family of Gouyave, Lyn Alexander and family of Fontenoy, the Slinger family of Cherry Hill, Calliste and Moliniere, Catherine Quamina of Calliste, Evlyn Deshoney, Mary Phillip and family and the Emeline Calliste and family in N.Y, Management and staff of Radisson Hotel, friends and neighbours in Grenada and aboard


Private Funeral Service

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