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Gladys Agatha Frank-Scott

Gladys Agatha Frank-Scott of Corinth, St. David who resided at Berrotte, Perdmontemps, St. David and Canada, passed away on Tuesday 25th July, 2017 in Canada at the age 83


She was the mother of: Pastor Benedict Newton and Curtis Frank in G’da, Eric Newton in New York, Bentley Frank, Laurel James, Jean Marie Baidoo, Ann Marie George and Rose Marie Clyne in Canada, Grandmother of 34 in G’da, Canada and the USA including: Ellis, Sajid and Nigel Newton, Edlyne Lessey, Negus and Heston Frank, Great grand mother of: 19


Mother in law of: Yvonne and Theresa Newton, Josa and Rachael Frank, Brian James, James Baidoo, Christopher George and Claudius Clyne, Sister of: Amy in the UK and Glorine in St. Thomas, Many nieces and nephews in G’da, UK and the USA including: Vernesta and Patrick Frank and Jacob Brizan


Other relatives and friends including: Augustine Newton, the Frank, Newton, Creedland, Charles, Mitchell, Benoit and Hercules families, friends and relatives in G’da and Canada


Funeral service on Friday 11th August, 2017 at10:00 am at the Trinity Pentecostal Church, Montreal, Canada and interment at The Laval Cemetery



Please my deepest sympathy. It's at times like this when God's promise at Revelations chapter 21, verses3-4 brings real comfort to the family.

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