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Hamblin James also known as “Yow”

Hamblin James also known as “Yow” of Sunshine Avenue, Calivigny, St. George who resided in London, passed away on Saturday 1st February, 2020 at the age of 86


He was the father of: Mary Charles also known as “Spicy” residing in Trinidad


Grand father of: Jerry Charles


His Guardians: Barrington and Suzette Roberts


Grand father in law: Sally Charles, Great grand father of: Adrian and Miss Odile


Uncle of many including: Brenda, Sherma and Ann Marie, Grnd Uncle of: Daniela, Brendon and Dontel Binda


Many relatives and friends including: Sheron Harris, Magdalene “Magday” Licorish, Leslie “Sepp” James of Marian, Errol and Rhonda in NY, Stephen and Katie of Marian, the Binda family of Calivigny and Marian, Joseph and Carmen Phillip and family of LaBorie, Sherilyn Binda, Ronald Simon and family, Rodney Thomas and family, Adella Grappy, Phinsley St. Louis and family, the Roberts family of Calivigny, Mr. Cyprian and family, Richard, Warren and Norris, friends and neighbours of Calivigny and surrouding areas


Funeral Service on Friday 14th February, 2020 at 2:00 pm at the Garden of Remembrance Funeral Chapel, Cemetery Hill, St. George’s according Gospel Hall Rites and interment at the St. George’s Center Cemetery

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