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Hollis Anthony Logan, also known as as “Ifil” and “Bamce”

Hollis Anthony Logan, also known as  as “Ifil” and “Bamce” of Maran, St. John,  who resided in Brooklyn, NY, USA, died on Sunday, September 1, 2019 at the age of 74.


He was the father of: Glenna John of Maran, St. John, and Kenny Langdon of Grenville, St Andrew; Pauline Noel (Jenny); Dr. Junior Martin Benjamin; and Dr. Paula Jennifer Saunders, all residing in the USA.


Brother of: Leyton St. Paul and Veronica Logan aka “Bakka”, of Mt. Granby;  Rufus Noel aka as “Genda” of Birchgrove, and  Bernard Thomas and Aldolphas Noel in Trinidad, Many other relatives and friends in Grenada and the USA.


Funeral services on Saturday, September 14 at the Bedford Central Presbyterian Church,  1200 Dean Street. Viewing from 11:00am to 2:00pm; service at 2pm.


A memorial service will be held in Grenada at a subsequent date



As a Maran colleague, I would like to extend my sincere condolences to the family of Ifil, I sure remember the name growing up in maran, May your soul Rest in peace.
Jean Julien now residing in London UK.


The Williams family of Maran, St. John's, now residing in Toronto, Canada, is sending deepest and most sincere sympathy to all the children (especially Glenna) and to the entire family of Ifil on his passing. He will be missed. He is resting in peace. Cherish your loving memories of him as you keep him close in your heart. As we hold on to the promise of God that we will one day see our love ones again, let us stay strong for and with each other.

From: Eltha, Trevor, Frances, Elizabeth, Arvis and Theresa in Toronto and Elaine Henry McQueen in Grenada and our entire family.

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