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Jeff “Dab-Dab” Bedeau

Jeff “Dab-Dab” Bedeau of River Road, St. George, passed away on Thursday 4th January, 2018 in Miami, Florida


He was the son of: Persival Chedick and Roslyn Bedeau-Billy, Brother of: Jessie Bedeau William, Delshanda Billy also known as “Bigah” of River Road, Jeremy Jackson also known as “JJ” in Miami, Dexter Olive also known as “Dexter Jump Up” in New York


Brother in law of: Fitzroy Pharoah William, Janie Jackson ad Jonitha Olive, Nephew of: Maudlyn Noel, Grace Mitchell, Cynthia Ogiste also known as “Lady Cinthy”, Stephen Mark, Nephew in law of: Thompson Ogiste, Judith Mark and Sydney Mark, Grand Uncle of: Emani and Celia Bedeau, Nashera, Nasheal and Nycole Charles, Many great grand nieces and nephews, Many other relatives and friends in: Grenada and abroad


Funeral on Saturday 13th January, 2018 in Miami, Florida



Please accept my deepest sympathy. It’s at times like this when the Bible promise at Revelations Chapter 21 verses 3-4 brings real comfort to all the family.

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