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Joshua Emmanuel Baldeau

Joshua Emmanuel Baldeau - Student of Presentation Brothers College of New-Hampshire, St. George, passed away on Friday 29th January, 2021 at the age of 12


He was the son of: Kevinna Baldeau and Ralph Phillip


Brother of: Isaiah Baldeau Phillip


Grand son of: Yolande and Kelvin Baldeau in Canada, Linthia Phillip and Errol Telesford in Grenada


Niece of: Calvin, Sheena, Mecada and Kimberly Baldeau in Canada, Marvin, Prince, Marcia, Keira, Samyka and Tanisha Phillip in Grenada


Cousin of many incl.: Dr. Kerry-Ann Renaud-Thomas, Marie Christopher in the USA, Kelona, Lyshona and Shakira Phillip, Jayden Williams and Ann-Marie Mason


Other relative and close friends incl.: Shaneae Francis, Joel Alexis, Annette Ragbasingh and family, Volley Ragbasingh and family, Carmalita Nelson and family, the Ragbasing, Baldeau and Chetram families of Clozier, Phillip and Telesford family in Willis, staff and students of PBC and St. George’s Anglican Junior and Senior School, vendors of St. George’s Market, Staff of Jonas Brown and Hubbards, friends and neighbours of New-Hampshire and surrounding areas


Private Funeral Service

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