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Lyra Francois

Lyra Francois of River Sallee, St. Patrick, passed away on Monday 20th May, 2019 at the age of 82


She was the Mother of: Gorine in England, Maureen in Canada, Maricola also known as “Bella” in Trinidad, Gobell also known as “Dawlyn”, Irma also known as “Cynthia”, Lenora also known as “Stella” and Dian in G’da, Grandmother of: 23, Great grandmother of: 14, Great great grandmother of: 5


Sister of: Cynthia Quamina in England and Anthony Quamina in Germany, Aunt of many in Germany, England & Grenada incl.: Vanessa Quamina in England Mother-in-law of: Ben, Vic Hen, y Nelson and Sylvie Francois


Many other relatives and friends including: Rally Peters and family, the Jerffery families of River Sallee and La Poterie, Norma Charles, Staff of Kalico, Wendy-ann, Flora of River Sallee and Flora Christopher, friends and neighbours of River Sallee and surrounding areas


Funeral service on Wednesday 12th June, 2019 at 2:00 pm at the Seventh-day Adventist Church, River Sallee, St. Patrick and Interment at the River Sallee Cemetery



My deepest sympathy to Steve on the passing of his mother may she rest in peace

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