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Lysda Philbert also known as “Mommy Liz” & “Aunty Liz”

Lysda Philbert also known as “Mommy Liz” & “Aunty Liz” of Hermitage, St. Patrick- Retired Caretaker of Hermitage Police Station, passed away on Friday 18th September, 2020 at the age of  82


She was the mother of: Hazel Philbert and Lymon Philbert in G’da, Pansy and Lawrence Philbert in Canada


Grandmother of: Rena and Nazing in G’da, Kendel in the USA, Damion, Terriel, Jahim and Jazarah in Canada, Great grand mother of: 5


Sister of: Merlyn and Cecilia in Trinidad, Eileen and Laura in G’da and Evasley in the UK, Sister in law of: Sally in the UK


Mother in law of: Debra George Philbert in the UK and Alwyn Thomas


Aunt of many including: Theodel, Gillian, Stephanie, Reggae, Bettyann, Danielle, Ian, Jessica, Kisha and Sharon, Grand aunt of many


Other relatives and close friends including: Patsy John and family in the UK, Edwin Langaigne, Muriel Thomas and family, Daddy Wayne, Mrs. Sandra Thomas and family, Ome Alexander and family, Shandara, Ariel, Claton Mc Donald, Teacher Maureen, the Philbert, John and Nedd families of Hermitage, Monica & Theobald Delfish, the George family, neighbours and friends of Hermitage and surrounding areas


Private Funeral Service and interment 

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