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Margaret Forrester

Margaret Forrester of Grand Roy, St. John, passed away on Sunday 22nd March, 2020, in the USA at the age of 64


She was the Mother of: Wendy Ann Forrester, Grandmother of: Ayna and Anthony Alexander


Sister of: Edgar, Michael and Louise in the USA, Maureen and Norma Forrester in Canada, Celia, Charlie, Arthur and Greta Forrester in Grenada


Mother in law of: Allen Alexander, Sister in law of: Eudine and Sissy Forrester


Aunt of many in G’da and abroad including: Wayne and Emma Hamilton, Hellen and Cheryl Forrester, Ashley and Jealisha Bridgeman, Melvin and Augustine Forrester, Grand Aunt of : Jadon and Shada Forrester


Other relatives and friends including: Judy Williams, Jacqueline Holder, Daphne Howell, Pamela Simon, Dale Edwards, Daisy Mitchell, former members of the Grenfruit women’s co-operation, the Ventour, Forrester and Alexander families of St. Mark, the Mark family of Sauteurs, friends and neighbours of Grand Roy


Funeral service and internet in the USA



The Williams family of Maran, St. John's, now residing in Toronto, Canada, is sending out deepest and sincere sympathy to the entire family of Margaret especially to Wendy, Aunty Louise, Maureen, Norma, Greta, Cheryl, Jacqueline, Judy and the former Grenfruit Women co-op. It is sad to hear of her passing at this time but be comforted and stay strong for and with each other. Our dear Margaret is resting and sleeping in peace. She will be missed.

From: Trevor, Frances, Arvis, Theresa and our entire family in Toronto.


my deepest sympathy to the family, sip

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