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Maudlyn Elizabeth Richardson also known as “Modo”

Maudlyn Elizabeth Richardson also known as “Modo” of Tivoli, St. Andrew, passed away on Tuesday 22nd September, 2020 at the age of 83


She was the mother of: Patricia, Eulyn, Agnes and Bertrand in G’da, Veronica and Laslyn in Canada and Randolph in Trinidad


Grandmother of: Kenroy, Andy, Roxanne, WPC 942 Alina Richardson, PC598 Peter Francique, Roldon, Kwame, Dwain and Marcella, Great grandmother of: Many


Sister of: Joslyn & Augustine in the USA, Lason & Theresa in Canada, Ennis & Sebastine in G’da


Sister in law of many including: Janet


Mother in law of many including: Roslyn Nelson


Aunt & grandaunt of: Many


Many other relatives and friends including: The Mann family of Chantimelle, Richardson family of Paradise & Mt. Rich, the Simon, Charles, Bartholomew, McSween and Thomas families of Tivoli, Cheryl Williams, Vaugh-Jean Rennie, Euldaro Charles, Dr. Keith Johnson, staff of Tivoli Health Centre and Princess Alice Hospital, staff of River Antoine Estate, friends and neighbours of Tivoli and surrounding areas


Private Funeral Service and Interment

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