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Mavis Geneva Branch-Lowe

Mavis Geneva Branch-Lowe passed away peacefully at her home in Orlando, Florida on Saturday 28th of July, 2018.


She was surrounded by her loved ones.

She was born on the Caribbean island of Grenada in 1929. She attended St. Joseph’s Convent and then trained to be a nurse. She met her first husband Herbert Branch in Nursing School when he came to visit one of his sisters. They married and lived happily together until his death, 50 years later in 1989.


She moved to Gouyave, her husband’s hometown, after nursing school. She worked there as a District Nurse and Midwife for 13 years.  She was a dedicated and caring professional who was loved by the people she served. She immigrated to the United States in 1960 and was very proud that she passed her nursing boards on the first attempt. She worked for many years as a registered nurse at Brookdale Hospital and Downstate Medical Center. She then worked with the New York State Health Department and the Department of Corrections until her retirement.


After the death of her first husband she moved to Orlando where she found companionship with her second husband Alec Bain. In December 2000, she married her third husband Farsang James Lowe, they have been happily married for the past 17 years.


Mavis loved needlework, traveling, and socializing with friends and family.


She was a warm, welcoming and loving person.


She is survived by her brother: Chasley;  Sisters-in law: Rita, Miriam; and Pearl; Children: Michael, Jennifer, Wendy and Robert; grandchildren: Tony, Khara, William, Allister, Patricia and Peter; great grandchildren: Amanda, Patrick, Christopher and Madison;


Nieces and nephews: Gloria, Claude, Roy, Alva, Yvonne, Elinor, George, Gloria, Leslie, Jackie, Margaret, Phillip, Peter, Paul, Patrick, Raymond, Joyce, Yolande, Terry, John, Val, Debbie, Kester, Roger, Dennis, Carol, Cheryl, Gail, Jennelyn and others.


She will be dearly missed by her family and friends



Please accept my deepest sympathy. The bible’s promise at 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verse 26 states that "the last enemy, death, is to be brought to nothing." This shows that the God of all comfort will soon end death once and for all time. May this promise strengthen you during this difficult time! A life of true happiness and peace awaits us all. (Revelation chapter 21 verse 4; Acts chapter 24 verse 15)


My deepest sympathy to Aunt Chick's family and friends. For the few years I knew her, I was amazed at her joie de vivre; she made every moment exciting. What a lady!! May her soul rest in eternal peace.


I hereby extend sympathy to Val, Debbie, Roger and the other relatives and friends of Nurse Branch. My grand mother Nen (Maudlyn Ferguson) always told me that Nurse Branch was the mid-wife that delivered me and although I did not know her I heard that story often enough to feel a sense of gratitude for her role in ensuring my safe passage into this world. Thank God for her committed service in Gouyave.

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