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Nathaniel Herry also known as “Pa sec” & “Tommy”

Nathaniel Herry also known as “Pa sec” & “Tommy” of Concord, St. John, passed away on Sunday 20th December, 2020 at the age of 72


He was the father of: Shirmely Hinds Gibbs, Nordica Hinds Buddy, Tracey Hinds, Charmaine Fletcher, Shirlann and Rayann Paris & Shane Phillip in Jamaica


Stepfather of: Gwendolyn Scott, Pamela Nelson & Lyrell Cadore in the USA


Father in law of: Edwin Scott, Derek Gibbs, Larry Buddy and Wendy Phillip


Grandfather of 24 including: Renee, Nickisha, Melinda and Vecchio Hinds, Anson Fletcher, Jamol, Ted & Leshon Parris and Cardeem Baptiste


Great grandfather of 14 including: Marley Marryshow, Anthonio Chateau and Azzoria Darbeau


Brother of: Audrey Herry in the USA, Lynette and Luciann Joseph in Aruba, Owen Herry also known as “Brother”, Anthony Herry also known as “Faith”, Emmanuel Herry also known as “Mano”, Johnson Joseph also known “Matt”, Osborne Thomas also known the “Doc & Norge” Michael Vicus Henry also known as “Babae” and Kingston Herry


Brother in law of: Wilma Joseph, Lyna and Lylis Herry in the UK, Anthony and Cantwell Cadore in Texas


Many nieces and nephews including: Leon & Jerome Herry, Ralph Joseph, Stephanie

Alexander, Hazel Ferguson Mohan


Other relatives and friends including: Agnes Thomas, Moses, Kenneth, Desmond and Albert Langaigne, ASP Doyle Stanislaus & family, the Noel, Thompson, Phillip and Dingwal families, the Herry family of Chantimelle and Grand Anse, the Reche family, McBurnie family, Bishop Dave King, members of the New Upliftment & Mt. Parran Spiritual Baptist Church, family and friends of Gouyave, Concord and surrounding areas


Private Funeral service and Interment

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