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Omega Cyrus

Omega Cyrus of Green Street, St. George, passed away on Friday 20th March, 2020 at the age of 93


She was the Mother of: Jean, Janet, Christine & Brenda, Hudson Houston also known as “Bap”, Michael, Elvis and Dean


Grand Mother of Many in Grenada, USA, Canada, Australia, Trinidad & Tobago and Ireland


Many other relatives & close friends including: Ms Boel Carlson and family in Sweeden, Gurnella Landsgren, Thelma Felix, Peggy Nesfield, Pamela Steele and family, the Menese family, Valerie Steele, the Minors Family, Elsa Thomas and family, Hon. Peter David & family, the Mc Intosh family, Hosten family, Garvin Patrice and family, priest and parishioners of St. George’s Anglican Church, friends and neighbours of Green Street, Carenage & surrounding areas


Private Funeral

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