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Raphael Gregory Bowen also known as “Hengs” ”

Raphael Gregory Bowen also known as “Hengs”of Morne Jaloux who resided at Grand Anse Housing Scheme, St. George, passed away on Friday 18th September, 2020 at the age of 71


He was the Brother of: Millicent Egberongbe in England, Bernard and Denzil Bowen and Anesta Simon-Lett in Grenada, Denise Bowen, Dr. Susan Bowen and Vanessa Bowen Newton in the USA


Nephew of: Verna Noel, Brother in Law of: Frank Newton, Claudette Bowen


Uncle of Many Including: Vanessa, Cheryl & Shaun Egberongbe, Sheldon “Jimmy” Joseph, Keshia Simon-Kennedy, Stacy-Anne Simon- Simpson, Clint Joseph, Simone, Alden also known as Garth, Kieron, Kizonnia & Kizon Bowen, Carla & Devin Phillip, Ryan & Felicia Phillips and Shenia Newton, Uncle in Law of: Gary Simpson also known as “Short Leg”


Many other relatives and friends including: Mr. & Mrs. Kent Joseph & the Management & Staff of Excel Plaza, Hon. Gregory Bowen & Family, Antoine Family, Noel family of Mt. Moritz and Morne Jaloux, Johnson Family, Bowen, Parke, Ghatt & Pascal families of Morne Jaloux, Purcell Family and Mr. & Mrs. Freddy Paul, friends and neighbours of Morne Jaloux and Grand Anse Housing Scheme


Private Funeral Service and Interment

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