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Richard James Noah St. Phillip also known as “Pantylay”

Richard James Noah St. Phillip also known as “Pantylay” of Tuilleries, St. Andrew, passed away on Saturday 3rd February, 2018 at the age of 92


He was the Husband of: Veronica St. Phillip also known as “Delzina”, Father of: Patricia Charles, Sharon Thomas, Bernadine Rogers, Yolande St. Phillip, Linda and Lynn St. Phillip, Vera Baptiste, George and Jennifer David, Grand-father of many including: Leon Charles, Lydia St. Phillip, Cara Albert, Evlyn, Yvette, Patsy, Jimmy, Rodney and Reggie Charles, Cameron Henry, Kemi Mason-Walker and La Toya


Father in law of: Cuthbert Henry and family, Andy in England, Many Nieces and Nephews including: Peter and Tiny Thomas, Univer and Patrice Rougier and family, Clair, Clair-C and Gracelyn Edwards, Bernadine Bowen and family, Special friends including: Hon. Yolande Bain-Horsford, Helena Mason, Donna and Andy Alexander and family and Clarin


Many other relatives and friends including: Cousin Rhoda Baptiste and family, the St. Phillip family of Prospect and Sauteurs, Antoine family of Walker and Battle Hill, Mason family of Munich, George family, Terese and Marilyn Joseph and family of Tuilleries, Zora and family, Jerry Charles and family, Zora and family,Lydia Baptiste of Mt. Fan, Mr. William Taige and Sister V, friends and neighbours of Tuilleries and surrounding areas


Funeral Service on Tuesday 20th February, 2018 at 2:00 pm at the Munich R C Church, St. Andrew and Interment at the Family Cemetery, Munich



Our deepest sympathy goes out to Miss. Delzina and the family on the passing of Richard(Pantylay). Our thoughts are with you and the others at this sorrowful time. May he rest in peace.


May the Bible's promise at Revelations chapter 24 verses 3-4 bring real comfort to all the family.

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