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Roselyn Patricia Bowen Harvey

Roselyn Patricia Bowen Harvey of Soubise, St. Andrew, resided in Trinidad and Aruba, passed away on Thursday 19th March, 2020 at the age of 81


She was the mother of: Antonio Rombley in St. Marteen, Nina Solomon in St. Vincent, Elton Harvey also known as Junior and Truggy in the USA, Alvin Harvey known as Scarbadi in Trinidad


She was the sister of: Anesta in Tortola, Velma in usa, Debra in Canada, Derick in Trinidad, Patsy Known as Teacher Patsy, Byron known as Boss, Patrick known as Marge and Dexter known as Bob in Grenada


Grand mother of 14 including Jamila, Candice, Devon, Keston, Hasani, Simba, Mandisa, Antonio Jr and Isaiah, Great grand mother of: 13


Sister in law of: Mr Al Frette in Tortola, Mother in law of: Miriam, Hermione and Overile


Aunt of many including: Trisha, Dwayne and Kizzy Adonis, Cindy Allard and Junior Taylor


Many other relatives and friends in Grenada Trinidad and Aruba including: Lindy Joseph and family, Beverly Charles and family, the Bowen families, Grace Francis of Cherry Hill, Mrs Yoland Bain Horsford MP, staff,and members of the Golden years Center, the Anglican community of Grenville, Dr st. Louis and staff of Princess Alice Hospital. Friends and neighbors of soubise and Surrounding areas


Privately funeral and interment on Thursday 26th March, 2020

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