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Rosey Roxey Baptiste

Rosey Roxey Baptiste of LaSagesse, St. David, passed away on Monday 20th July, 2020 at the age of 47


She was the Mother of: Requina & Requison  Joseph Baptiste


Grand Mother of: Kaliah & Jacquan Toussaint, Jirvana Charles, Grand Daughter of: Alberta Lawrance also known as “Mantora”


Close & Dear Friend of: Jeremy Braveboy


Sister of: Cheryl & Samantha Baptiste, Aleisha Baptiste also known as “Chickel”, Rudolph Baptiste also known as “Brother”, Elvis Baptiste, Michael Baptiste also known as “Netty”, Denzel and Kishon Baptiste


Aunt of: Many Niece of: Lino, Cecelia, Derick, Errol, Pearl, Dorothy, Perline, Stephanie Eastmond Baptiste , Revlon & Selma Baptiste, Donna, Carol, Paul & Matthew Fortune, Macline Marryshow & Castillon Sylvester


Many other relatives & close friends including: Godwin John, Susan Scott, Zeltina, Kathrine, Wendy, Joseph & Jozel John, Michelle, Nurse Frank, Sister Victor, Anslem, Aunty Hazelann and Aunty Tracey, Ms. Haynes, Mr Cyrus, the Baptiste and Thomas families of LaTante and Paraclete, Lawrence & Sylvester families of Willis, Staff of Mt. Gay Hospital, friends and neighbours of LaSagesse & Surrounding areas


Private Funeral Service and Interment

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