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Stephanie Philomenes Sylvester also known as “Tina Turner”, “Sweet Stephanie” and “Steffo”

Stephanie Philomenes Sylvester also known as “Tina Turner”, “Sweet Stephanie” and “Steffo” of Moliniere, St. George, passed away on Monday 21st October, 2019 at the age of 55


She was the Mother of: Kirla, Kirlly-Ann, Kirlana and Kirl Sylvester, Grand Mother of: Tremayne Sylvester, Kiran and Kirani Samuel and Kaylorna Sylvester, Sister of: Kester & Dexter Sylvester, Natalie Richard, Aunt of: Nataje Richard Hood, Christal Sylvester and Amara Sylvester-Phil, Delon Sylvester, Darren Edgehill, Peter and Darren Tsagarolis and Keston Sylvester


Niece of: Esmay and Helen Modeste, Many other relatives and friends in Trinidad, USA & Grenada including : the Modeste and Nicholas family of Molinere, Yvonne Lewis and family, Dr. Antoine, Dr. Cummings, Sister Ann, Nevillin and family, Patrick, Sylvester family, friends and neighbours of Moliniere and surrounding areas


Funeral Service on Monday 11th November, 2019 at 1:00 pm at The Evangelistic Center, Market Hill, St. George’s and Interment at St. George’s Center Cemetery



My deepest condolences to the family of Stephanie, especially her children. I have know her for years, always a hard working and jovial individual and she will be greatly missed.


You are already missed Stephanie. Fly high with the Angels. Till that great day in that land where we never grow old.” We will meet you over yonder, where we never say farewell “
To Kirla, Kirlana, Kirlly Ann and Kirk, my deepest sympathy. My cousins Dexter and Kester condolences from my family and I. My Aunts Tanty May, and Tanty Helen. My thoughts and prayers are for you all and the rest of the family.


Steph you already missed.” We will meet you over yonder where we will never say farewell “ T Kirla, Kirlana, Kirlly Ann and Kirk. My deepest sympathy. To our aunts Tanty May, Tanty Helen our deepest condolences. To my cousins Dexter and Kester our thoughts and prayers are for you all and the rest of the family in Grenada and abroad.

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