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Stephen David also known as “My Spring” & “Dawson”

Stephen David also known as “My Spring” & “Dawson” of Prospect who resided at Mt. Craven, St. Patrick, passed away on Tuesday 2nd February, 2021 at the age of 88


He was the Father of: Alwyn, Clare, Dennis and Ronia in the UK,


Adopted father of: Gwennie and Macey Hutchinson, Grand Father of many including: Tylair


Close and dear friend of: Veronica Nicholas, Father-in-Law of: Mary and Elizabeth


Uncle of Many including: Althea, Leathea, Trevor, Johnson, Elias, Maria, Tesslin and Grace, Brother of: Carobel in Trinidad


Many cousin other relatives and close friends including: Abigle George, Lloyd, Sunny, Joan, Annette and Jacqueline, the Thomas and George family of Prospect, friends and neighbours in the UK, Trinidad, Prospect, Mt. Craven and surrounding areas


Private Funeral Service       



Condolences to the family and friends of Stephen David. At times like these it can often feel like there are no right words that can be said, however, the bible provides the reassuring hope that soon we will be reunited with those we have lost. We can look forward to the future resurrection with confidence (John 5:28, 29). May this thought comfort your hearts today and always.

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