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Veronica Williams also known as “Baba”

Veronica Williams also known as “Baba” of Grand Roy, St. John who resided in the UK, passed away on Thursday 21 November, 2019 at the age of 84


She was the mother of: Ursulyn Thomas and Kenwin Williams in the UK, Grandmother of: Bradley, Robyn, Jordan, Grace and Charlotte Williams in the UK, Sister of: Marie Christopher in Grenada, Aunt of: Justin, Junior and Denny Charles, Anslem Burnett, Donald Christopher, Valerie Hawthorne, Leslie John, Everil John Stewart, Nita Holder, Karen and Pauline Thomas and Catherine “Girlie” Baptiste, Mother in law of: Celine Williams, Sister in law of: Gloria Sylvester and Inez Thomas


Other relatives and close friends including: The Ventour family of Grand Roy, Brichgrove, Beaulieu and the UK, Forrester and Howell families of Grand Roy and the UK, Marvis Registe and family, Michael Johnson and family, Stressman Thomas and Alva Lawrence in Grenada, Jude Ferguson and family, Patrice Thomas and the Labastide family in the UK, friends and neighbours of Grand Roy, Concord, Marigot, Mt. Plaisir and surrounding areas.


Funeral service on Wednesday 4th December, 2019 in the UK

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