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Winston Anthony St. Bernard also known as “Amid” & “Amigo”

Winston Anthony St. Bernard also known as “Amid” & “Amigo” of Cherry Hill, St. George, passed away on Saturday 4th January, 2020 At the Age of: 65


He was the Father of: Wendy, Wendell & Omar Noel


Close Friend of: Veronica Noel


Grand Father of: Taylor, Taylon, Taj, Tarea & Shermala Noel


Brother of: Valerie Hackett also known as “Suzie”, Donna Blakely, Caron Scott- Pierre, Sara-Lee Phillips-Mohr and Beverly Phillips in the USA, and Sally Murray-Jones in the UK, Wayne St. Bernard in Trinidad, Carl Scott also known as “Cp” in the USA


Brother in Law of: Dr. Lenroy A. Hackett, and Junior Blakely, Tony Murray, ASP Andrea Noel and Corporal Shurwayne Noel


Son in law of: Maria Noel


Uncle of: Natalie Crystal Hackett, Philana Diamond Hackett, Tiffany Hackett, Letisha Scott and Anaeise Pierre, Kate Murray, Gary Phillips, Dario Mohor, Ken Pierre and David Murray


Nephew of: Veronica Phillips Abraham and Maudlyn Smith


Many cousins, other relatives and friends including: Margaret Dowe and Gloria Charles, Dr. Cosmos Phillips in the USA, the St. Bernard family of Happy Hill and Woodlands & Trinidad, the Baptiste family of Cherry Hill, Joseph family of Calivigny friends and neighbours of Cherry Hill and surrounding areas


Funeral Service on Friday 17th January, 2020 at 2:00 pm at the Garden of Remembrance Funeral Chapel Cemetery Hill, St. George’s according to Pentecostal rites and Interment at: St. George’s Cemetery




we of the above extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Winston Anthony '
May cherished memories the comfort of family and the sympathy of friends help to console
you all in this time of sorrow.

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