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Schools in St. John's Source: Min. of Education

School Type Name of School Principal/Teacher in Charge Address Phone No.
Day Care Pearl De La Mothe Ms. Cherrylin Joseph St. Peter's Str. 444-973
Day Care Grand Roy Mrs. Greta Forrester Grand Roy 444-8071
Pre-Primary Nehemiah Pre School Mrs. Morian Church St. Peter's Str. 443-0428
Pre-Primary Gouyave Kindergarten Ms. Maria Charles Gouyave 444-8119
Pre-Primary Concord Ms.; Veronica Williams Concord 444-8574
Pre-Primary Florida (Loretto) Mrs. Stephanie Bascombe Gouyave 444-8325
Pre-Primary Grand Roy Mrs. Judy Brathwaite Grand Roy 444-8573
Pre-Primary St. John's Anglicam Mrs. Grace Parayag Gouyave 444-8332
Primary Concord Government Mrs. Carmen Roberts Concord 444-8574
Primary Florida Government Mr. Marvin Andall Loretto 444-8315
Primary Grand Roy Government Mr. Ron Charles Grand Roy 444-8573
Primary St. John's Anglican Mrs. Erna Best Mendes Gouyave 444-8332
Primary; St. John's R.C. Mr. Ian George Gouyave 444-8119
Secondary St. John's Christian Mr. Anthony Wellington Gouyave 444-8336
Secondary St. Rose Modern Mrs. Gemma De Allie Gouvaye 444-8340