Mary Melanie Genevieve Cruickshank-Saunders

Mary Melanie Genevieve Cruickshank-Saunders of Tempe, St. George - Former Matron of Princess Alice & General Hospital, passed away on Sunday 8th August, 2021 at the age of 86


She was the mother of: Jackie & Timothy Cruickshank in the UK


Grandmother of: Jasmine and Izaac in the UK, Stepmother of: Morrine, George, Shirley, Andrea and Jason in the UK


Sister of: Fabian Munro and Padmore Wilfred Jones, and Stanley Munro in Canada


Sister in law of: Gillian Monro, Gloria, Jones, Monica Monroe in Canada, Norma Jones and Ellen Jones in the UK, Godmother of: Denise, Lloyd Henry in the UK, Special friend of: Jeffrey Foxy Cyrus and family, Thelma Henry in Barbados


Other relatives and friends including: Nelcia Liburd and family in Canada, Marius Gibbs and family in England, Mr. Mitchell, Lorna Jones in the USA, Fenious Monro in Canada, Dexter Julien, Evis Noel and family, Margaret Granger and family, friends and neighbours of Tempe and surrounding areas


Private Funeral Service and Interment 

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