Claudine Neckles also known as “Wendy & Teacher”

Claudine Neckles also known as “Wendy & Teacher” of  Woodlands, St. George, passed away on Sunday 26th September, 2021 atthe age of 60

She was the Sister of: Margaret “ Norma” Antoine, Helen Valarie and Alister in Canada

Aunt of: Venn, Martin, Lennox Antoine, Leon, Lennox, Lorna and Loraine, Care Givers: Judy and Vicky

Many cousins, other relatives and close friends including: Cecelin Mitchell in Grenada Annes Mc Intyre, Margaret Barthwaite, Rosanna Skinner, Lilla Bishop, Agatha Ferguson in the USA, Sister Maryann, Derhong, Yvette Mason, Yvonne Jones, Laurel Bartholomew, the Camelite Sister and Tertiaries, James Stroude and family, Priest and Parishioner of St. George’s Cathedral, Staff, Students and Past Students of Boca Secondary School, Woburn Methodist School, Father Andrew Bernard, Skinner, La Rouche, Antoine, Neckles and Bishop families, friends and neighbours Of Woburn, Woodlands Springs Café and surrounding areas

Private Funeral    

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