Al Cordell Crawford also known as “Young Chef” Featured

Al Cordell Crawford also known as “Young Chef” of Grand Anse Housing Scheme, St. George, passed away on Thursday 4th November, 2021 at the age of 30

He was the son of: Ann Crawford

Brother of: Kadisha also known as “Xena”, Selena and Tarick Crawford

Grand Son of: Patricia and Earl Crawford, Great Grand Son of: Alban Chase

Other relatives including: The Crawford's family of St. Paul’s, Steve and Eugene Crawford and family, Daphene Croney, Wilcox Roberts and family of Fort Jeudy, Greta Pierre and family in the UK, Elieen Lockheart and Errol Edwards in Trinidad, Kim Edwards and family of Ravine, Zonel Dominique and family, the Chase family of Beaulieu, Hermlin Benjamin and family of The Limes, other relatives in the UK, Brazil, USA and Trinidad.

Close friends incl.: Kurt Thomas, Ruby Francis, Ricky Phillip, Raphael Marrast and the Marrast family of Cherry Hill, Roland Marshall, Clarence Baptiste and family, Martain McDonald and family, Willem Janes and family, Euson Belfon, Deighton Mitchell and family, Kelvin Moore aka Weeks, Cleavon St. Louis and family, Jason “Bullet” Sylvester, Kelvin “Brutus” Antoine, Dwight Clarke, Akish Rogers, Kelvin Sylvester, Audunnie Johnson and Jones, The members and staff of the Hemodialysis Clinic including Ms. Williams, Spanish, the team of doctors of Male Medical Ward, the Grenada Bikers Association, Members and staff of Umbrellas, the Calabash Hotel, Spice Island Beach Resort, Mt. Gazo, Levaughn and Lashon Lewis, Terelle Douglas, Roydon Regis and family, the boys by Pumpkin Shop, The principal staff and past students of the Presentation Brother's College 2008, Mr. Mellow, Sally Ann Noel and family, the congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, friend and neighbours and friends of Grand Anse Housing Scheme, The Limes and surrounding areas

Private Funeral and Interment    

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