Marvin Viechweg-Alexis also known as “Goose” Featured

Marvin Viechweg-Alexis also known as “Goose” of  Mt. Moritz, St. George, passed away on Monday 15th November, 2021 at the age of 55

He was the son of: Merle Alexis neé Viechweg

Father of: Sally Ollivierre

Brother of: Dexter Alexis in the USA, Justin, Marlon, Andre and Jerry Alexis in Grenada

Nephew of: Gemma Dowden, Uncle of: Jeremiah Alexis

Many other relatives and friends including: Dr. John Louis Viechweg, the Alexis family of Mt. Moritz, Chester Alexis and family, the Noel family of Mt. Moritz, the Viechweg family of Mt. Moritz, Tempe, New Hampshire & River Sallee, the Martin family of Grand Mal, the Stuart family of Corbeau Town, Jahman, Blacks, Carl, John, Anstine and the Guys by Nest Shop and Footsie Place, Amanda Redhead and family of Moliniere, friends and neighbours of Mt. Moritz, Grand Mal and Fontenoy

Private Funeral and Interment            

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