Shaun Mc Kie also known as “Plucky” Featured

Shaun Mc Kie also known as “Plucky” of  St. Jules Street, St. George’s, passed away on Saturday 18th December, 2021 at the age 41

He was the Son of: Ewart Mc Burnie in Canada and Yvette Noel

Grandson of: Cynthia Mc Burnie in the USA

Grand nephew of: Edith Mc Burnie

Stepson of: Fred Noel and Margaret Mc Burnie in Canada

Brother of: Gwenderlyn Bartholomew, Jada Mugler-Westwood, Dean and Devon Mc Kie in the USA, Keisha and Courtney Mc Burnie in Canada and Dakota Mc Kie in Germany, Adopted brother of: Latoya Anderson

Nephew of: Yolande Williams, Pamela Jeremiah, Anthea, Ralph and Michael Alva Mc Kie, Mervin Haynes, Johnny, Peter and George Francis and Sheridan Mc Burnie in England, Stephen Mc Burnie and Emmanuel Williams in the USA, Uncle of: Nigel, Devonte and Trey Mc Kie, Brother-in-law of: Udine Charles

Many cousins, other relatives & close friends including: Parshawn Haynes, Kia Williams, Illisha Edwards, Kendon and Keron Bernard, Denise, Deniel and Kenneth Patrice, Jill Louison, Jenny Francis, Stephanie Bascombe, Gemon Cox, Bradley and Louise Mc Burnie, Peron Johnson and family, Jasmine Ferguson and family, Marian Donald and family, Kareem Salhab and family, Bernadine Charles and family, Roslyn Morris and family, Monique Hodges and family, Joyce Philip and Barbara Bell, the Roberts, Williams, Hood and Redhead families of River Road, the Celestine family of La Borie, Mary Duncan, Susan Henry, the Grant family of Lucas Street, Ms. Elvira, Yellow, Sparrow and the Boys on Cemetery Hill and Four Roads, Managements and Staff of George F. Huggins Distribution Center, friends and neighbours of Jubilee Street, Cemetery Hill, Williamson Road and surrounding areas

Private Funeral Service and Interment  

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