Yes! Gouyave was there too

Gouyave exists as part of the economic brain-child behind the governments of St. Lucia and within the academies and Universities of The West Indies, South Western University, New York University, Boston University, University of London, London School of Economics and countless other institutions of higher learning.

You can find Gouyave existing in the Amazon Basin of South America; in Brazil and Paraguay, in Chile and Nicaragua. You can also find her in Cuba, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, and in just about every island that comprises the West Indian Archipelago.

And if one was to pay attention to the footprints contained on the floors of the Rotundas of Buckingham Palace in London and the White House in the United States, one would observe among the tracks of excellence, the bestowing on Gouyaverians the title of Knight Commanders of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, together with the recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor for their contribution to the betterment of humankind.

So it is neither by chance nor coincidence that our little Gouyave in this little country of ours, Grenada, is viewed with such reverence and with such high esteem and notoriety. She continues to baffle the minds of those who come in contact with her children. It is that spiritual gift of self-assurance, perseverance and self-esteem that holds us together as “one people” but with varied individual ideas. The pursuit of our dreams in distant countries through time, place and circumstances is what may have separated us, but in our hearts, we remain Gouyaverians; always listening to her call and always being held hostage to the warmth of her spirit.

It is for these reasons why we MUST! return, regardless to where our life’s journey ends.

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