Melrose House

Always admired for its architecture, this building is located next to the Gouyave Police Station and is historically known as Melrose House. It was first owned by the Commissiong family. Dr. L.M. Commissiong and his mother known as Nen Commissiong lived there.

This building which was later owned by the Gibbs family has a front garden, wrought iron fence, fountains and a tiled walkway; one of two of its type in Grenada. It can be found on Central Depradine Street and Doctor Bell Gouyave.

Its unique features include a front porch with fretwork on barge board and other decorations. Visitors can observe the creolization of its architecture, the sash windows accompanied with the Jalousies\wooden louvers. This building was also known for its boat house and its large underground vats for rum storage.

At the back of the Gouyave Police Station is the platform of the longest wooden jetty in Grenada, built during the late 1800's for the costal steamers.