If De Priest Kud Play, Who Is We?

For those who could have remember when Father Bernard and Father Blanco were the two Catholic Priests in Gouyave who resided in the Rectory, you may have also recalled it was a time when the Catholic Church was transitioning from its stated role as an ecumenical institution to that of a community base institution with more direct involvement and participation from the local populace.

And while Father Blanco’s role in the transition was somewhat diminished because of his limited agility and senior status, his perceived cunningness and devious behavior did not preclude him from the usual controversial and scandalous “tebey” that surrounded the rest of our Gouyave residence.

It was rumored that Father Blanco had made regular use of the banister (linking the first and second floors of the Rectory) to slide down to the first floor in order to beat Father Bernard to the Dining Room table to enjoy the first helping of Miss. Agnes (the Rectory cook at the time) culinary skills. It was said that Father Blanco possessed a voracious appetite and on occasion, would eat himself into a frenzy, while still reserving his taste-buds for the delicacy of Miss Agnes’s “stewed Turtle”.

And while Father Bernard was busily involved with the goings-on in the community, it was refreshing to observe him in his new role of multi-tasking, while providing leadership to the youths and guidance to the elderly. He was a pillar in the community who was blessed with charisma, an exuberant personality and a ubiquitous smile which complemented his high level of energy. Needless to say, Father Bernard was an icon in Gouyave’s Catholic community and had set the standard for all Priests who were to succeed him.

So you can imagine how shocking it was in Gouyave when the news broke that Father Bernard had taken the unprecedented step to remind Miss Marita of the responsibilities she was charged with, and chose to neglect. However, the manner in which he had chosen to make his point would become the lyrics for the following carnival season and not even the revered Father Bernard could have been spared from “Gouyave’s carnival lyrical Pun”. His name would forever be associated with this “one act of displaying his personal frustration and annoyance” and Gouyave could now lay claim to our own version of ”If De Priest Could Play, Who is We?”.

But just what had prompted him to take this uncharacteristic measure is anyone’s guess. Some of Gouyave’s “notorious Sa-luh-pues” had rumored it was “the depository” by Father Blanco sometime during the night, after experiencing the torments of a “Puff” and the pungent odiferous fume that was emitted due to fermentation in the ninety degree heat that caused Father Bernard to suffer from an acute case of insomnia thus driving him crazy.

Others thought that Miss Marita was using Father Blanco’s “exchange” to leverage a negotiation for a better salary for her services. But whatever it was, Father Bernard felt compelled to personally remove the contents from the Rectory and place it at the door of Miss Marita while reminding her that she could not abdicate her responsibilities to the church as she was indeed “The Chauffeur Ca-ca”.

You could have imagined the talk in Gouyave surrounding this one.

Gouyaveman, 3rd June 06©