Trade Unionist

  1. Clarence Ferguson, (RIP)
  2. Daniel Smalls, (RIP)
  3. Percival Louison, (RIP) GUT* & GTUC*
  4. Charles A Grant, (RIP)
  5. Frederick E. A. Grant, (RIP) TAWU*
  6. Jeanette Dubois JP, GUT*
  7. Dennis Thomas, GUT*
  8. Alvin St. John, PWU*
  9. Anthony Cadore, GUT* & Labour Consultant
  10. Betty Perrotte, (USA)
  11. Lauret Clarkson, (RIP) 1st Female President of PWU*
  12. Claris Charles, JP, GUT*, GTUC* & Caribbean Congress of Labour
*GUT: Grenada Union of Teachers
*PWU: Public Workers Union
*GTUC: Grenada Trades Union Council
*TAWU: Technical and Allied Workers Union